Car mat types demystified: Which one to purchase?

Give your car floor a break from the constant wear, tear and trash that it fights off. Get a car mat and welcome yourself to a cleaner and more hygienic car interior space.


Mud, gravel, chips, coffee and what not! Your car floor has to go through so much in its lifetime. It also needs to take a break from getting buried under our daily debris and get some fresh air once in a while. In order to protect your car upholstery from the daily wear and tear that it faces, and to increase its longevity, it is a must for you to get your car floor a car mat. To tell you, there are many different car floor mat types available for you to choose from.

Not only does it help get rid of the dirt and stubborn stains easily, but it also adds character to the interior looks of your car. Provided below is the list of different car floor mat types and their use cases, so that you have all the knowledge to make an informed decision before purchasing one. 

Fabric Car Floor Mats

Car mat types demystified: Fabric Car Mat

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The first ones on our list are the fabric floor mats. These are well known to be easily available and at a very reasonable price. Fabric floor mats come in universal sizes, can fit in a car of any size and are easily available at any automotive shop. They have a rubber back to prevent them from slipping, and you can wash or dust them even on a daily basis. However, they have a short shelf life as compared to the other types. Therefore, it is recommended that you get good quality fabric floor mats if you want to go for this option. 

Carpet Car Floor Mats

Carpet Car Floor Mats-Car mat types demystified

Next on our list of the different car floor mat types comes the carpet floor mats. They are known for keeping moisture and dirt away from your car’s interiors. They are quite effective in trapping dirt due to their synthetic fibres. Some of the carpet mats even come with water-absorbent fibres, hence rescuing your car floor in muddy wet conditions. 

Rubber Car Mats

Rubber Car Floor Mats-Car mat types demystified

Due to being made up of a thick and waterproof compound, rubber floor mats are well known for their durability over most of the other car mat types. They neither slip nor obstruct the pedal usage, absorb water and mud and are able to retain moisture due to their textured surface. However, the only catch is that they are mostly available with simple designs in plain colours or patterns. 

Vinyl Car Mats

Vinyl Car Floor Mats-Car mat types demystified


Due to being made of thick vinyl, these are all-weather car floor mats and even more durable than the rubber ones. These come with spikes at their back which help them prevent slipping, while their edges are turned up towards the inside to prevent any dirt from falling outside the mat area. 

Nomad Mats (Curly Mats)

Nomad Car Floor Mats-Car mat types demystified

Due to their curly surface, these mats work the best and the quickest to trap water or mud and prevent any spillage upon the car upholstery. It won’t even let your feet touch the dirt, mud or water that it traps, and requires less frequent cleaning as compared to others. Due to this, they are infamous for being the most dependable of all car mat types. 

3D Car Mats

3D Mats

3D car floor mats stand on the more expensive end as compared to other types. They can give your car a premium look. They are available in various colours and designs and are best suitable for you if you are inclined more towards the ambience factor. However, since they are made up of polymer, their water soaking capability is low, due to which they need to be cleaned regularly. These days, there are 7D car mats and even 9D car mats that are available.  

Transparent Plastic Car Mats

Transparent Plastic Mats

As their name might suggest, transparent plastic car full floor mats are pocket friendly and easily installable. They are water and heat resistant, and retain mud and water, hence making them more suitable for snowy or rainy weather conditions. 

Cargo Liners

Cargo Liners

The last in our list of the different types of car floor mats available for your car floor comes the cargo liners. Although being used in the boot of the car, they work the same as any car floor mat does. Your car boot, in fact, endures more harshness than your car floor, facing grocery spillage, stains, dirt, mud and grease from outdoor tools and equipment that you may keep on it and forget about. Hence, a carpet or rubber-based cargo liner is also suggested to keep your car floor away from wear, tear and trash. 

So those were the best car mats in India available for you in the market. You have a wide range of choices in terms of colours, textures, patterns, material, usage, shapes and sizes to select your ideal car mat from. In case we missed any particular type of car mat, do let us know in the comments section below. 

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