Tata Motors launches Yodha 2.0, Intra V20, and Intra V50 pickup trucks

The three new pickup trucks from Tata will cater to the needs of small business owners.


Setting new benchmarks in India’s pickup truck segment, Tata Motors launched the Yodha 2.0, Intra V20 bi-fuel, and Intra V50 pickup trucks today. The trucks come with a rugged build and offer a high load-bearing capacity while being equipped with modern safety features. Tata Motors claims the three new pickup trucks are versatile enough for both rural and urban use.

The new Yodha 2.0, Intra V20 bi-fuel and Intra V50 are ideal to service the diverse mobility needs of the fast-growing agriculture, poultry and dairy sectors as well as the expanding delivery requirements of FMCG, e-commerce and logistics sectors. A low cost of ownership will make the pickup trucks appealing to small business owners who are looking to maximize their profits. In order to commemorate the launch, Tata Motors delivered 750 units of the pickup trucks to customers across the country.

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Tata Yodha 2.0, Intra V20, Infra V50: All that you need to know

Tata Yodha 2.0, Intra V20, Infra V50: All that you need to know

The Yodha 2.0 offers a payload capacity of 2,000 kg, the highest out of the three pickup trucks. It also features an updated design, Tata’s signature ‘Trust Bar’ and a new grille. Other payload options for the Yodha 2.0 include 1,200 kg, 1,500 kg, and 1,700 kg. The pickup truck is available in 4×4 and 4×2 configurations and comes in single cab and crew cab options.

Tata Yodha 2.0, Intra V20, Infra V50: All that you need to know

The Intra V50 smart pickup truck offers a load-bearing capacity of 1,500 kg and has the largest deck length out of the three new offerings. Meant to be driven in all terrains, the Intra V50 has a high ground clearance and state-of-the-art cabin comfort. Tata asserts the V50 is ideal for urban and semi-urban areas.

intra v20

The Intra V20 is India’s first bi-fuel commercial vehicle, available in Petrol+CNG configuration. It also offers the longest range out of all the three new pickup trucks, clocking 700 km. The lower operational cost of CNG will make the V20 attractive to a lot of buyers. With a 1,000 kg payload capacity, it isn’t as load-bearing as the other two new releases from Tata.

Launching the new range of pickups, Mr Girish Wagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors, said, “Our small commercial vehicles are renowned for providing livelihoods to millions of customers and enabling their success. As their ambition for business growth and a better life turns bolder, they will discover an ideal match in our new range of pickups as these have been specially co-developed to address their evolving aspirations. Every aspect of these pickups has been meticulously engineered to efficiently service a wide variety of uses across urban, semi-urban and rural areas. They come with bold new design and offer the highest payload capacity to carry heavier cargo; largest deck length to carry voluminous loads; highest power to weight ratio, longest range to traverse maximum distance; and modern safety and comfort features for stress-free driving. With all-terrain access to reach the remotest locations and the backing of India’s largest dealer and service network, the holistic value proposition offered by our comprehensive range of pickups is unbeatable. The introduction of these new-age pickups reiterates our commitment to always empower and equip the customers with best-in-class vehicles to deliver more progress and success.” 

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The Intra range is also available in V10 and V30 specifications, with the entire line catering to a diverse range of consumer needs. All customers will also get access to value-added services under the Sampoorna Seva 2.0 programme, which includes: 

  • Tata Zippy: Offering customers repair time assurance with problem resolution within 48 hours.
  • Tata Alert: Offering customers roadside assistance within 24 hours for vehicles under warranty.
  • Tata Guru: Roadside and workshop assistance for repairs and services across the country. 
  • Tata Bandhu: Bringing together all stakeholders – mechanics, drivers, and fleet owners – on a single app-based platform.

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