7 Cars that have the most luxurious interiors over Rs 1 Crore

Planning to get a luxury car? Here is a list of them that have the best interiors over Rs 1 Cr


Different people have different dreams, some want to get expensive clothes, some want a big house and some want to buy a luxurious car. Owning an Audi, Mercedes or Rolls Royce is a dream for many, and if you are planning to fulfil yours. We have made a list of 7 cars that have the most luxurious interiors.

Owning an expensive car is associated with a status symbol and here are some of the most luxurious cars which you can make yours.

Audi RS e-tron GT

Audi RS e-tron GTThe first car on our list is from Audi, the Audi RS e-tron GT is an electric car from Audi. The interior on the Audi RS e-tron GT looks like you are sitting in a spaceship cockpit. The dark interior on the Audi looks pleasant to the eyes. The car has an electric motor that can produce 522 HP. When you run out of charge the car can charge from 5% to 80% in around 23 minutes. The car is offered in one variant that has an Ex-Showroom price of Rs 1.79 Crores.

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Mercedes S ClassMercedes S Class

If we are talking about luxury then how can we forget the S Class from Mercedes?

From chassis to the interiors the full size sedan offers a very comfortable ride and anyone will be luxurious sitting in the big and spacious cabin of the Mercedes S class. The car also has adaptive air suspension so that you do not get disturbed embracing the luxury of the interiors on bumpy roads.

The Ex-Showroom Price starts from Rs 1.57Crore and goes up to Rs 1.62 Crore.

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 SeriesThe BMW 7 Series is also one of the most comfortable luxury cars. The 5 seater car features exquisite design details, the finest materials, and powerful innovations. The seats of BMW series 7 are most likely the best seats in its class, the seats also come with massage features. Apart from this the leather finish inside the cabin looks and feels very eye catchy and luxurious. Apart from luxurious features, BMWs are well known for their amazing driving experience. The Ex-Showroom Price of the car starts from Rs 1.40 Crores and it goes up to Rs 2.46 Crores.


Audi A8

Audi A8The Audi A8 is a 5 seater luxury sedan that will wow you. The Audi A8 is among the most comfortable and luxurious cars that money can buy. The car offers many features like 22-way adjustable comfort seats and Audi’s Virtual Cockpit that add up to the overall luxury feel of the car. If you want an Audi then the full-size luxury sedan is the most comfortable and luxurious Audi on the market. The Ex-Showroom price of the car is Rs 1.57Crore.

Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce GhostWhen it comes to luxury Rolls Royce is a name that takes every car away from the competition. If you buy a Rolls Royce then it means you are buying real luxury and comfort, and the Ghost is also no exception. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a full-sized luxury car that offers every luxury feature that you can imagine, from comfortable leather seats to a  beautiful spacious cabin, the car has everything. But buying this luxury is definitely a hit on your wallet, the Ex-Showroom price of this beauty starts from Rs 6.95 Crores and it goes up to Rs 7.95 Crores

Mercedes G-wagon

Mercedes G wagonSUVs are the all-rounder package of comfort, practical space, and performance, and if it is a luxury SUV then every aspect is a step above that of ordinary SUVs. The G-Wagon is a 5 seater luxury SUV from the house of Mercedes, the SUV packs in all sorts of features like- Leather Seats, Leather Steering Wheel, Leather wrap gear-shift selector, Glove Compartment, Digital Clock, Outside Temperature Display, Cigarette Lighter, Digital Odometer, Electric Adjustable Seats and you name it. The looks of the car are also a head turner and you will definitely attract some eyeballs. The Ex-Showroom price for all this starts from Rs 1.64 Crores and goes up to Rs 2.45Crores.

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90The XC90 is another luxury car over 1Crore that you can own if you are looking for true luxury. The XC90 is a comfortable, and attractive 3-row premium SUV. It also packs in a lot of features which include 7 airbags for great safety, radar-based adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, collision avoidance for both front and rear, and the city braking system. All this comes with a starting Ex-showroom price of Rs 89.90Lakhs and it goes up to Rs 1.31 Crore.


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