Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta, and Vellfire prices hiked by up to Rs 1.85 lakh

Toyota Camry and Vellfire also receive a price hike.


Toyota Kirloskar Motors has announced yet another price hike for Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta, Vellfire, and Camry. This is the second price hike in eight months by the auto giant. Toyota Vellfire receives the steepest price hike of Rs 1.854 lakh. Newer releases like the Glanza and Urban Cruiser HyRyder have been excluded from the price bump. Here’s what the revised prices will look like across variants of all three cars. 

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Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

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One of the bestselling SUVs in the country, Toyota Fortuner’s facelift was introduced in January 2021. Introduced at the price of Rs 29.98 lakh, Fortuner previously went through a price hike as well, with Toyota also adding high-end variants like the Legender 4WD and GR Sport to the SUV’s lineup.

The current price hike sees an increment of Rs 19,000 for the entry-level petrol variants and Rs 77,000 for the high-end Legender and GR Sport diesel variants. Here is what the updated price list looks like. 

Variant New Price Old Price Difference % Hike
2.7L 4X2 MT (petrol)  Rs 32.59 lakh Rs 32.40 lakh Rs 19,000 0.59
2.7L 4X2 AT (petrol) Rs 34.18 lakh Rs 33.99 lakh Rs 19,000 0.56
2.8L 4X2 MT (diesel) Rs 35.09 lakh Rs 34.90 lakh Rs 19,000 0.54
2.8L 4X2 AT (diesel) Rs 37.37 lakh Rs 37.18 lakh Rs 19,000 0.51
2.8L 4X4 MT (diesel) Rs 38.93 lakh Rs 38.54 lakh Rs 39,000 1.01
2.8L 4X4 AT (diesel) Rs 41.22 lakh Rs 40.83 lakh Rs 39,000 0.96
Legender 4X2 AT (diesel) Rs 42.82 lakh Rs 42.05 lakh Rs 77,000 1.83
Legender 4X4 AT (diesel) Rs 46.54 lakh Rs 45.77 lakh Rs 77,000 1.68
GR Sport 4X4 AT (diesel) Rs 50.34 lakh Rs 49.57 lakh Rs 77,000 1.55

Toyota Innova Crysta

Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta, one of the most successful MPVs in the country, came out with a facelift model back in 2020. The initial launch price was between Rs 16.26 – 24.33 lakh. Available in a vast range of 7-seater and 8-seater configurations in both petrol and diesel options, the Toyota Innova Crysta receives a price hike of Rs 23,000. However, the prices of high-end petrol versions remain unchanged. Here is what the updated price list of Toyota Innova Crysta looks like.

Diesel Variant New Price  Old Price Difference % Hike
2.4 G MT (7-seater) Rs 19.13 lakh Rs 18.90 lakh Rs 23,000 1.22
2.4 G MT (8-seater) Rs 19.18 lakh Rs 18.95 lakh Rs 23,000 1.21
2.4 G+ MT (7-seater) Rs 20.05 lakh Rs 19.82 lakh Rs 23,000 1.16
2.4 G+ MT (8-seater) Rs 20.10 lakh Rs 19.87 lakh Rs 23,000 1.16
2.4 GX MT (7-seater) Rs 20.17 lakh Rs 19.94 lakh Rs 23,000 1.15
2.4 GX MT (8-seater) Rs 20.22 lakh Rs 19.99 lakh Rs 23,000 1.15
2.4 GX AT (7-seater) Rs 21.87 lakh Rs 21.64 lakh Rs 23,000 1.06
2.4 GX AT (8-seater) Rs 21.92 lakh Rs 21.69 lakh Rs 23,000 1.06
2.4 VX MT (7-seater) Rs 23.34 lakh Rs 23.11 lakh Rs 23,000 1.00
2.4 VX MT (8-seater) Rs 23.39 lakh Rs 23.16 lakh Rs 23,000 0.99
2.4 ZX MT (7-seater) Rs 24.98 lakh Rs 24.75 lakh Rs 23,000 0.93
2.4 VX AT (7-seater) Rs 26.77 lakh Rs 26.54 lakh Rs 23,000 0.87


Petrol Variant New Price Old Price Difference
2.7 GX(-) MT (7-seater) Rs 17.68 lakh Rs 17.45 lakh Rs 23,000
2.7 GX(-) MT (8-seater) Rs 17.73 lakh Rs 17.50 lakh Rs 23,000
2.7 GX MT (7-seater) Rs 18.09 lakh Rs 17.86 lakh Rs 23,000
2.7 GX MT (8-seater) Rs 18.14 lakh Rs 17.91 lakh Rs 23,000

Toyota Camry and Toyota Vellfire

Toyota Camry and Toyota Vellfire

Lastly, Toyota Camry and Toyota Vellfire also receive a price hike. Toyota Vellfire is the automaker’s most premium MPV in the market and is available in a single variant. The Vellfire also receives the highest price bump out of the lot. Toyota Camry Hybrid’s facelift was launched in January this year and receives a price hike of Rs 90,000. Here is the updated price list.

Model New Price Old Price  Difference % Hike
Toyota Camry Hybrid Rs 45.25 lakh Rs 44.35 lakh Rs 90,000 2.03
Toyota Vellfire Rs 94.45 lakh Rs 92.60 lakh Rs 1.85 lakh 2.00

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Toyota is currently not accepting any bookings for the diesel variants of Toyota Innova Crysta. Recently, the automaker launched a new limited edition petrol variant for the MPV with updated features. A hybrid variant of the Innova Crysta seems to be in the works, with a November release on the cards.

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