Ather 450S to launch on August 3, pre-bookings open

Ather Energy will also expand its charging station network to 2,500 locations by the end of the year.


After being announced last month, Ather 450S is set to launch on August 3. The affordable electric scooter can now be pre-booked at a token amount of Rs 2,500. Interested buyers can pre-order the scooter directly from Ather’s website. The token amount is fully refundable. Ather 450S is the low-cost alternative to the flagship 450X.

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Ather 450S: Key Details

Ather 450S has been priced at Rs 1.30 lakh. This makes the scooter Rs 15,000 cheaper than the flagship 450X. The 450S has a top speed of 90kmph, similar to the 450X. However, its acceleration numbers are expected to be lower than the flagship.

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Ather Energy plans on installing 2,500+ charging stations by the end of 2023

The key difference lies in the driving range. While the 450X has a range of 146km, Ather 450S offers a driving range of 115km on a full charge. It has a smaller 3kWh battery pack compared to the 3.7kWh unit on the 450X.

While Ather has not revealed the design of its affordable scooter, it is expected to retain the general look of the 450X. The teaser image hints at a cleaner design for the mirror support. It also reveals an LCD display unit. The footrest design will be tweaked as well. While the design will not radically change on the 450S, the scooter may sport some minor cosmetic changes, in a bid to keep the price down.

Ather Energy hits 1,000 charging stations milestone

Ather has not revealed the feature list for the 450S yet, but the electric scooter is expected to get Bluetooth connectivity. Features like Google Maps support and document storage may be held back on the 450S. The scooter could also cost less than the announced price in some areas, depending on the subsidies offered by the state governments.

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Ather Energy will reveal more details about the 450S as we get closer to launch. The tech startup also plans on expanding its charging stations across the country. Currently, these charging stations are present in 80 Indian cities. Upon launch, Ather 450S will rival Ola S1 Pro, Hero Vida V1, and TVS iQube.

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