When should you get your car serviced: A complete walkthrough

Servicing your car is very necessary but knowing exactly when is important: A complete guide.


The cars are made of many working parts put together. With so many parts, natural wear and tear is a very common thing to happen. Even if a piece of minor equipment in your car fails it can create a lot of problems. To avoid such conditions, maintenance of the car is very necessary. Now the question arises when to get the car serviced? This complete walkthrough guide will put a light on When you should get your car serviced.

After Specific kilometres

The user manual clearly specifies how many kilometres a car should get serviced after. Even nowadays cars have a service reminder light built in to provide owners information about upcoming servicing. It is also important to know the driving pattern and environment. When it comes to India’s weather, it pushes cars to extreme limits. Pollution, busy roads, bumper to bumper traffic plays a major role to degrade your car’s health faster. Due to this, it is advised to get your car serviced between 6,000-7,000 kilometres. Some cars can go up to 10,000 Km, so check the user manual for that.

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If the car is standing for a span of time

If the car is standing still for more than 45 days it’s better to get your car serviced once. As the engine oil inside the car will become old and lose its viscosity. If there is no proper circulation of engine oil to the cold engine it will increase the friction inside the engine resulting in a decrease in your car’s life. Also a stationary car (for a long time) can clog the air filter. If the engine is not able to breathe properly it will not give you good fuel efficiency. It will be very difficult for combustion to happen inside the engine, especially in diesel cars which needs a lot of air to flow in. 

Before monsoon

Monsoons are already very hard on your cars. With lots of dust and mud if the car already has some issues this will only aggravate it. It’s essential to get your tyres checked properly as worn off tyres will not be able to grip properly on wet roads. Checking the brake pads in this service is important as well, as not being able to stop your car on an already slippery surface can cause major accidents. There are tons of electronics in new cars nowadays, any open wire can cause a short circuit when coming in contact with water.



After an accident

If your car has gone through an accident it’s really important to get your vehicle checked thoroughly. There might be some internal damage that we cannot see from outside the vehicle. Check for any leaks from the bottom of the car. Get professional help to get the frame of your car checked as it can cause major safety issues. Carefully listen to any noise from inside the cabin or outside the car. Rattling or squeaking noises can be due to some major damage that can not be ignored.

Before Selling

The car buyer inspects the car thoroughly as no one likes to buy a car in bad shape. Any mechanical or cosmetic abnormality could make the buyer hesitate to buy your car. It is also advised to keep all the service records of your car to get some extra credibility. Servicing a car before selling might not seem like a good idea or an unnecessary expense. But, this last service can actually attract more customers and might get you a good selling price.

These tips will surely help all the car owners to get their cars serviced from time to time and increase the life of their car. We also advise getting your car serviced before going for long trips/holidays as no one likes a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

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