5 tips for better care of your car tyres

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Here are tips on how to take better care of them.


Nowadays, there are a lot of new tyre manufacturers with tons of options to choose from according to your taste and car type. There are different tyres for different terrains too. Although there are tons of options, taking care of tyres remains constant for every type. According to car manufacturers, an ideal tyre is one that wears slowly, gives good mileage, smooth to ride, and gives better steering control/response. These tips will help you keep your tyres in good condition and make your tyres run longer.

1. Optimum Air pressure

Optimum pressure on a healthy set of tyres will not only give you a smooth run but also better mileage. An under pressured tyre will result in the engine putting more effort to pull your vehicle. A deflated tire won’t be able to grip the road properly and can result in major accidents as well. Air pressures more than required can be harmful too. During long rides, the tyre can burst due to the expansion of air inside the tire. The optimum air pressure can be checked either at the nearest car dealer or you can also check the right tyre pressure in the car manual provided to you.

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2. Rotate tires

The tyres of the car might be wearing off only at a particular spot in the tyre. By rotating tyres on a cross pattern and transferring your back tyres to the front and same with the front tyres. This will result in even wear and tear. This technique can be used every 5,000 km to 7,000 km. Also, check how many kilometres you have done on the same pair of tyres. Every tyre has a kilometre span although it depends on the way of driving.

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3. Tire Tread

The more wear on the tyre the faster the tread will become shallow. Usually, the ideal depth of the tread should be around 8-10mm depending on the brand and model you use. The tread of the tyre should be inspected properly often. It is a must that you check it before a long ride as it can be hazardous. Make sure that the depth of tread is never below 1.66mm. Lower tread depth can make your tyre slip more, which will not only cause driving issues but also increase your stopping distance.


4. Alignment

If you feel a vibration while turning your steering wheel, there might be a strong possibility that the wheel alignment is wrong. Another reason can be that the wheels are not correctly balanced. In both cases visit the nearest mechanic and get the vehicle aligned and tyre balanced by the machine. An imbalanced wheel can cause a wheel to wear off from a specific angle. During the check ask your mechanic to place the tyre with a Deeper thread on the rear to avoid oversteering during emergencies.

5. Do not Overload

There is a maximum weight you can put on the tyre before they blow up. Even if the tyre doesn’t blow up there might be partial wearing off. To check that, move your hand on the tyre. If the tier feels evenly smooth, you are good to go but if the treads are uneven it’s a red flag. Overloading your vehicle can also lead to disbalancing the car and decrease your car’s fuel efficiency.

Surely, these tips will come a long way to help you. We also advise you to get your car maintenance done regularly, avoid braking too hard and accelerating too quickly. Following the above tips will increase the span of your tyres and not drill a hole in your pockets.

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