How To Access And Manage Apple CarPlay?

Just command your wish, and watch Siri turn into a reality, all through Apple CarPlay right from your car’s stereo.


Those of you who are Android users, if you are aware of what Android Auto is, then you’d quickly understand when we’ll tell you that Apple CarPlay is its brother from another mother. And below is given a step-by-step guide on how to access and manage Apple CarPlay.

To tell you, CarPlay is an app (developed by Apple, of course) through which iPhone users can integrate their iPhones with their car to facilitate their driving experience, just like the Android Auto app for Android-car integration. Apple CarPlay mirrors features of an iPhone onto the infotainment display of the car, thus providing its occupants with access to apps that could otherwise only be used through their iPhone. In other words, Apple CarPlay turns your car almost into an iPhone, hence providing a much smarter and safer way to use your iPhone in your car. 

Connecting Your iPhone To Your Car With Apple Carplay

Step 1: The very first step is to check whether your country supports Apple CarPlay or not. You would then have to check whether your car supports CarPlay or not. Finally, you would have to ensure whether your iPhone model is compatible with Apple CarPlay or not.

How To Access And Manage Apple CarPlay?


Step 2: Download the latest version of Apple Carplay on your iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app. 

How To Access And Manage Apple CarPlay?

Step 3: Start your car and make sure that Siri is on. 

Step-3 How To Access And Manage Apple CarPlay?

Step 4: Connect your iPhone to your vehicle. You can do so either wirelessly, or via Bluetooth, or using a USB cable, provided that your car supports that type of connectivity. That’s it! Your iPhone and your car are now a single unit. 

Step 4


How To Manage Apple CarPlay And Utilise Its Features

Amongst the many features that Apple CarPlay provides you with, here are the top 4 most highlighted and useful ones to take your driving experience to the next level.

Let The Apple Maps Be Your Travel Guide 

Maps-How To Manage Apple CarPlay And Utilise Its Features

You can use Apple Maps right from the dashboard of your car to navigate your way through a new city, reach your destination through a faster route, get details of all the restaurants around, places to visit, monuments, trees, buildings or charging stations etc. You can set it both in the day and in the night mode. You can also directly control CarPlay via voice command. You can let Siri guide you through your way, ask a question about your needs and requirements or command a task that you want to be done. 

Make Phone Calls Or Chat While Driving

Messaging-How To Manage Apple CarPlay And Utilise Its Features

Apple CarPlay also supports applications to make phone calls, messages and chat. It allows you to do all this stuff simultaneously while driving. Moreover, with the voice command feature, you don’t even need to lift your arm from the steering wheel or take your eyes off the road to touch a single button. Even in the case of messaging, instead of making the effort of reading or writing, you can ask Siri to announce them and dictate your replies in return.

Listen To Music From Your Favourite Genre, Artist Or Playlist

Music-How To Manage Apple CarPlay And Utilise Its Features

Apple CarPlay supports music and audio apps like Apple Music through which you can access all your subscribed content, favourite tunes and playlists, right from your car’s infotainment system controls. All you need to do is just ask, and your personal assistant Siri would be on her toes to make it happen for you. 

Keep A Track Of Your Day’s Schedule Through Calendar

Apple CarPlay Calendar

One of the most useful features of Apple CarPlay is the Calendar app that it supports. It allows us to quickly view our day’s schedule from our car, in case we forgot to do it beforehand at home, or are running late for the office. You can also get directions or dial in through your car’s speakers and microphone, in case of a meeting. 

Isn’t it amazing how you can access and utilise through your car’s dashboard, all those applications that you could earlier use only on your iPhone? Apple CarPlay entered into our lives, bringing with it the future to our present. And the ease of how to access and manage Apple CarPlay may surely surprise one. 

Do let us know about your experience with the Apple CarPlay car tech in the comments section below. 

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