Northway launches electric conversion kit for Maruti Suzuki Ignis: Details Inside

The company has also made conversion kits for Swift Dzire and Tata Ace


The pune-based company, Northway, has successfully converted Maruti Suzuki Ignis into an electric car. Northway is a famous company when it comes to Research & Development and conversion of cars into electric cars. The company posted a video on YouTube this Wednesday explaining all the features and benefits of converting the Ignis into an electric vehicle. The donor car used for this project by Northway is a 2022 Ignis Alpha MT variant.

The total cost of converting the car into an electric vehicle is less than that of the best ongoing selling electric car Tata Nexon EV. For standard range kit the total cost comes out to be around Rs 12.5 lakhs, the standard range car can go up to 120km according to the company. Whereas the long-range kit, which can go up to 240kms on a single charge will cost you extra 2 lakhs making the price Rs 14.5 lakhs.

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Ignis Electric with manual transmission 

While most of the electric cars get an automatic transmission, engineers at Northway decided to go all manual. According to Northway, a manual transmission will give the car more torque, which can be handy in situations where you need to quickly move into the traffic. 

Northway Ignis- Maruti Suzuki- Electric car
Image Courtesy- Northway

Northway Ignis- Manual Transmission- Maruti SuzukiElectric vehicles already have better torque, but when combined with a manual gearbox it can amplify the torque. Going manual will also help in regenerative braking as the company has given this feature to the car, which will help to generate back the power when the Northway Ignis is slowing down. Although the converted Ignis does come with a manual gearbox but it is not compulsory to change gears, if anyone wants to experience it like that of a manual car then the user can drive the car in higher gears like 4th or 5th gear.


Ignis Electric Specifications 

Northway will offer the Maruti Suzuki Ignis Electric in two range configurations. The DriveCT is the standard range model that can go up to 120kms, and the InnerCT which can cover 240kms of distance on a single charge. The converted Maruti Suzuki Ignis can generate 170 Nm of peak torque and achieve a top speed of 140km/h. It can take up to 7-8 hours to fully charge the car with a normal charger, and with the fast charger it can charge in 2-3 hours.

The best thing is that the warranty will not be void if you are planning to convert your Ignis into an electric car. Since the running cost of an electric car is very less, this might be a great option for someone who already has Ignis or was planning to get one. The company will also provide you a warranty on the kit. The warranty is of 60,000km or 2 years whichever comes early.

Also while explaining all the features and benefits of Electric Ignis folks at Northway encountered a Tesla model 3.Tesla Model 3-Northway Ignis- Maruti Suzuki


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