Mahindra XUV 700 to feature Alexa Voice assistant: Everything you need to know

Mahindra is ready to release its top of the segment Car.


After so many leaks and teasers, Mahindra is all set up to release its flagship car to set up a benchmark in the premium segment. In Teasers, we can see the car looks well designed and luxurious and comes packed with a few of the features, which are the first in the segment. Also, it will be the first car to launch with the new Mahindra logo, which looks fresh and modern.

Unlike its siblings the Mahindra TUV300 and XUV500, XUV700 is focused on the premium range market. Here are a few of its features we are really excited about.

1.LED head and tail lights

All new clear view LED in front and Arrowhead tail gives the Mahindra XUV 700 a really fresh and aggressive look. If you ask us, it was really needed as Mahindra was following the same body design for years and needed a real bombshell to make a comeback. It also has smart booster technology that will automatically switch on the extra light on darker roads to ensure safety.

2. Smart Filter Technology

These covid times and people are scared to go out due to the pandemic and viruses in the air. Well, Mahindra got you covered with new smart filter technology in the car, which the company claims filters out 99% of the bacteria and 95% of viruses.

3. Driver Drowsiness Detection

Mahindra really focuses on safety a lot, this handy feature will surely prevent a lot of accidents. If you ever feel drowsy while driving your XUV 700, your car will know and will wake you up. This really is a neat and smart touch towards safety.

4.Smart Door Handles

Smart door handles look a lot inspired by tesla. The door handles are embedded inside the body of the car giving it a smooth, clean finish and a premium look.

5. Personalised safety alerts

Heard of a saying that a person always listens to their loved ones? Well, that’s what Mahindra has focused on in this feature. The car gives you alerts in the voice of a loved one you have assigned. For example, if you are speeding your XUV 700 will ask you to slow down in the voice of your family member.

6. Sky roof

The company claimed the sunroof to be the biggest sunroof in the segment and called it a sky roof. Hoping it would give a convertible-like experience to the consumers.

7. Adrinox Infotainment system with Alexa

The infotainment system is powered by adrinox with Alexa built in to accept voice commands and even control the car system using your voice. The sound is powered by sony and turned in a way to give the consumer 3D sound and change the drive mode accordingly.

Mahindra is launching XUV 700 on 14th at 4 pm, lets just hope its premium offering is on spot as in the teasers. The public and Mahindra fanboys are really excited about Mahindra’s bold move and waiting for the launch (and we are included and will be glued to the happening). 

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