Top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides like Delhi to Leh

The best cruiser bikes to cruise on long journeys.


Planning a long trip? Now that long bike trips are becoming a thing. However, everyone needs different specs and are comfortable with different engines and weights. Thus, we bring to you the top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides like Delhi to Leh

ROYAL ENFIELD CLASSIC TIMELESS (new generation classic 350)

The new generation classic 350 or the timeless classic by Royal Enfield has a good and practical upgrade from the older version of classic 350. They have refined the engine which lowers the vibration as compared to the old classic 350, which also leads to not getting fatigued on long journeys. The posture of the bike itself is so comfortable than the older one. It has a 349cc engine and it produces a power of 20.2 bhp at 6,100 rpm and a torque of 27nm at 4,000 pm.

The timeless classic offers a total of 12 colours. The base model starts from Rs 1,96,125 (ex-showroom price in Delhi NCR) a little pricy, but the upgrades are incredible in this bike. Now coming to the main Indian economic agenda of the vehicle market- mileage, this bike produces 41 kmpl of mileage considering a heavy 350 cc engine the mileage can be appreciated. The ground clearance of this bike is 170mm considering it is a cruiser it helps you to off-road in adventure trips like Leh-Ladakh. Overall, this bike is a really good option for long tours. check out more here  Top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides

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Meteor 350 by Royal Enfield can be considered as an upgraded version of thunderbird 350 but it is much upgraded and has a lot of improvements from the thunderbird 350. It’s a typical cruiser and no need to say the engine is refined and has a very low vibration. Although the weight of this bike is 191 kg the overall posture leads to a highly comfortable bike. Talking about the features of this bike, it has a tripper navigation analogue just beside the digital odometer, the odometer itself is very futuristic if we compare it to the older bikes produced by Royal Enfield. 

This odometer consists of shift indicators, a fuel bar graph, clock, ending with a neutral N indicator. In terms of specs of the engine, it’s a 349cc engine producing a power of 20.2 bhp at 6100 rpm and a torque of 27nm at 4,000 rpm. The price of the fireball edition of the base model is Rs 2,01,620. There are a total of 3 variants – the fireball base model, the stellar mediocre model and the top variant supernova all of these variants come in various colours but the features are all the same although you get a backrest for the pillion and a metal Royal Enfield emblem on the tank on the steller and the supernova variants. The mileage this bike gives is 35 kmpl with a ground clearance of 170 mm which is quite capable for off-roading and is comfortable for long tours. Tap here to know more.Top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides


JAWA 42 2.1

JAWA, their machines have a lot of potential but lacks in features if we compare this bike with its other rivals. It’s a retro bike and it comes with a lot of chrome as well.  Although it lacks features this bike delivers a lot of power than the other cruiser bikes. This bike comes with a 293cc engine which delivers a power of 27 bhp at 6,800 rpm and a torque of 27nm at 5,000 rpm, it’s a liquid-cooled engine with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox also comes with a twin exhaust system which looks and sounds good, to be honest. It has a ground clearance of 165 mm, which is a bit low, while riding one should be careful of speed bumps it has a possibility of hitting the engine. This bike comes in 2 colours and the starting ex-showroom price of this bike is Rs 1,91,142. If we talk about the mileage this bike delivers 35 kmpl and the bike weighs around 172 kg which gives it more speed. The only small drawback of this bike is ground clearance which can be a small hindrance while off-roading and the bike has a good thump and feel. Thus, Jawa is at 3rs amongst the top 7 Cruiser Bikes for Long Rides Like Delhi to Leh. Click here to know more. Top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides


HONDA, the majority of Honda vehicles were seen on the Indian roads are commuters but recently Honda has started launching premium machines in the Indian market, the Honda highness CB 350, are a few examples.  This bike doesn’t lack features, comfort and many more things. The bike looks and sounds good too and maybe if you are lucky you may end up people asking you “which Honda bike is this?” Because people always see Honda as a commuter but this bike is different. As this bike looks premium, it rides and feels premium too.

There are some small drawbacks of this bike and some of them can be fixed by small modifications like the pillion’s comfort is compromised and it can be fixed with a small modification by adding an aftermarket backrest another drawback of this bike is stiff suspension, you can feel potholes at high speeds. The mirrors could have been wider, which can be again fixed by aftermarket mirrors. Now talking about the engine is much more potent than one would expect, it’s a 348cc engine and it produces a power of 21 bhp at 5,500 rpm and a torque of 30 nm at 3,000 rpm. It is ground clearance is 166mm it is a bit low but can be capable of off-roading because of its lightweight 179 kg that makes it easy to manoeuvre in congested cities. There is very low vibration almost no vibrations in this bike which makes it super comfortable for long rides, the bike has Bluetooth connectivity, the LED lights are super bright the riding stance is also perfect. 

Talking about the price and the variants, the Honda highness CB 350 offers 3 variants the base model highness cb350 Dlx, the mediocre model he cb350 dlx pro and the top model highness cb350 anniversary edition. The base model starts from the ex-showroom price of Rs 1.94 Lakhs in Delhi NCR. This bike has a few drawbacks, most of them can be fixed, this bike can be considered as a cruiser for long journeys. Find out more here.Top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides


This particular bike looks like a cruiser on a budget. If you are low on budget and you are looking for a typical cruiser look you should go for this, there are pros and cons of this bike mentioned below. Starting from the pros, this bike has a typical aggressive cruiser feel, especially riders with a low height can enjoy riding this bike as its low seat height, the spare parts are easily available in any market of this bike as it’s on the Indian roads for quite a time and is used by many riders, side mirrors are quite wide and give a good view of the back, the headlight given on this motorcycle looks so good but can create a problem on highways at night which can be fixed with an aftermarket headlight, the suspension is also really good it almost feels like as if it was made for Indian roads, the seat also on this bike is comfortable and good for touring. 

Now talking about the cons, a major con of this motorcycle is breaking the front braking isn’t good and for the rear tire there are no abs which are quite bad because at high speeds dual channel abs is a must on Indian roads, the switchgear quality and design is so bad, the handlebar is very aggressive which makes it difficult to manoeuvre in cities but at highways or long tours, this con turns into a pro. 

Let’s talk about the engine and the other specs of this bike it’s a 220-cc engine producing a power of 19 bhp at 8400 rpm and torque of 17nm at 7,000 rpm and it gives 40 kmpl of mileage, this bike has a ground clearance of 169mm which approves it for good off-roading the weight of the bike also contributes in the off-roading as its only 163kgs. The ex-showroom price of this bike is Rs 1.33 lakhs which is worth it if you are on a budget and want a typical cruiser. There are pros and cons of this bike but this bike is capable of off-roading and has a typical cruiser feel. Click here to know more.Top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides


Another, one of the top cruiser bikes is Harley Davidson, the king of all cruisers, iron 883 a good high cc starter bike, a typical cruiser bike with a roar of a lion and its road presence is also out of the world, you know it a Harley Davidson coming when you hear that roar, maximum people on the road turn their faces to you to take a look at this beast. Easy to manoeuvre although it is a 255kg bike you don’t feel that much weight if you ride a Royal Enfield or have ridden a Royal Enfield. It’s a Sportster from its engine and the look is of a cruiser best of both worlds I say. When buying a premium bike, you get premium features like KEYLESS ENTRY I think there are very less brands that offer this kind of feature in a bike. It has a low seat, so short riders can enjoy this bike too.
It gets a pillion seat but let’s be honest, I don’t think pillions are comfortable and also you get rugged and a cruiser looks if you ride it with a single seat. Now let’s talk about its pros and cons. Starting with the pros, this bike is a hell of a ride sometimes when you think about cruisers you think they would be slow and boring but not in this case this Sportster is fast and sporty, the thump feels good, Harley Davidson provides a lot of legal modifications which can make your bike like the one you want, the Harley Davidson group when you purchase any Harley Davidson bike you get connected with a Harley Davidson riding group and they conduct Sunday rides and many more stuff to stay connected, perfect for long rides. Now let’s talk about the cons, the bike has a lot of weight but I am quite sure you can get used to it after a while, because of its low ground clearance you have to be careful of speed bumps although the chances of getting hit by speed breakers are quite slim. We think the cons are quite low and can be fixed.

If your budget allows this bike, we are sure you won’t regret buying this machine. Now let’s talk about the bikes and engine’s specs, it’s an 883-cc engine producing a power of 50 bhp at 5500 rpm and a torque of 70nm at 3500-4000 rpm quite good. As a heavy and powerful engine, there’s low mileage this bike gives 20kmpl of mileage, it’s fine there’s a saying, you have tamed a beast, you have to maintain it. The ground clearance of this bike offers a ground clearance of 140 mm. Talking about the price this bike’s ex-showroom price is Rs 10.11 Lakhs in Delhi NCR. Everything about this bike is expensive, but if your budget allows, this is the best cruiser in the Indian market.Find out more about the bike here.Top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides


One of the best Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides like Delhi to Leh is Harley Davidson does not only make cruiser machines but also macho sportsters like this the HARLEY DAVIDSON FAT BOB this bike has an aggressive and macho look, it may seem that this bike may not be off-road much and is meant for highways but this bike can take up a lot of terrains, people have taken this bike to various places effortlessly. There’s no need to say about Harley Davidson machines, high in technology, high in power and of course a beast in terms of looks. 

Harley Davidson can be considered as a Mercedes kind of brand if we talk of the two-wheeler segment. and bikes price is as such only a few lucky owners have chance to purchase this bike comes with a classic 114 stroke engine and a 1,868cc engine, now that’s a HEAVY and a POWERFUL engine this bike weighs around 322 kgs. That’s the amount of weight to carry the mighty horses this bike has 

It has a heavy 1,868cc engine and it produces 70 bhp at 5,500rpm and a torque of 145nm at 3,500 rpm. HARLEY DAVIDSON FAT BOB comes with a ground clearance of 115 mm and a mileage of 20kmpl, considering a high 1,868c engine it’s commendable. This bike’s ex-showroom price is Rs 16.75 Lakhs in Delhi NCR that’s a heavy price like the bike. If you can tame this beast with this price you can go for this cruiser – sports mix We must tell you, you can never be disappointed by a purchase from Harley Davidson. Click here to know more.Top 7 Cruiser Bikes For Long Rides Like Delhi To Leh

So, these were some of our best picks of cruiser bikes for your trip to Leh.

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