10 most expensive motorbikes in India, which you can buy right now

Top 10 Money Spending Motorbikes in India


Owning at least one bike is a set trend in India and Indians are not far behind when it comes to buying expensive motorbikes as well. A lot of riders have these fantasies to complete different trips across India be it Manali to Leh or to Kashmir, Rajasthan and to many other parts of India. For this, they aspire to have motorbikes, which will suit their personalities, represent who they are and what they stand for. 

Some motorbike enthusiasts save money for years to buy their dream vehicle so that they are able to fulfil such trips. This article will talk about the top 10 most expensive bikes available in India and one of these will suit you the most.

10. Kawasaki  Z H2 SE  Kawasaki Z H2 SE

This bike is formed according to its Sugomi and minimalist concept design. There is a Kawasaki River Mark Emblem on the headlamp, which is of great importance. It symbolises an honour granted only to machines that are powered by supercharged engines. The headlights, tail lights, turn signals and plate lamps, all are equipped with LED lights. 

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They are low power consumption and high durability but provide high illumination. Because of the Balanced Supercharged Engine, high output of 200PS is achieved. While the left handle helps to operate Electronic cruise control and make meter display changes, the right handle switch helps to access the machine handle menu. This superbike has a ‘Trellis’ frame that provides high-speed stability and light handling to facilitate control whenever you are riding.

Available in Metallic Diablo Black/Golden Blazed Green

Price: Rs 25,90,000 (Ex-showroom)

9. Indian Vintage

Indian Vintage

A combination of heritage and modern technology, this is sure to capture the hearts of many. It is fully loaded with genuine leather, whitewall tires, classic wire wheels, giving it the ‘rich’ look. Thunderstroke 116 engine produces a great 168Nm of Torque. This motorbike also offers Rear Cylinder Deactivation, which automatically shuts off the rear cylinder for more comfort when the bike is stopped in traffic. Comes with a whopping 1,890cc engine and closed-loop fuel injection, this surely is no less than a beast.

Indian Vintage is available in only Crimson Metallic

Price: Rs 25,82,000 – 26,63,000

8. Harley Davidson Road KingHarley Davidson Road KIng

We all are familiar with Harley Davidson. A bike that always gives us the Macho feeling and we all grew up following it. This is famously known as the highway king and has a fairly tight grip in the Indian Rider Market. Road King offers an upright riding position, floorboards, a passenger seat, saddlebags, fork-mounted fairing and rider safety enhancements. The bike comes with a 1,745cc engine, the famous ‘Milwaukee-Eight 107’. The bike is surely for the riders who are looking to exhaust miles with full swag.

Road King comes in 3 colours- Gauntlet Grey Metallic/Vivid Black, Midnight Crimson and Vivid Black.

Price: Rs 26,99,000

7. Harley Davidson Street Glide SpecialStreet GlideSpecial

Of course, Harley Davidson motorbikes are sure to make the cut in any article in the motorbike category and the ‘Street Guide Special’ is no exception. Compared to the above Harley Davidson motorbike this one comes with the addition of the infotainment system that little extra source of entertainment when on a long ride. The infotainment system consists of a Boom Box Gts, standard SD card, flash card and MP3 playback via USB, Bluetooth, voice recognition and more than 10 languages are available. 1,868cc Engine is a massive increment and the ‘Milwaukee Eight 114’ engine is sure to create a leap in the performance margin.

Street Glide  Special comes under a variety of colours such as Gunship Grey, Vivid Black, Black Denim, White Sand Pearl, Midnight Crimson and Redline Red.

Price: Rs 31,99,000


6. Indian SpringfieldIndian Springfield

This is the long haul bike for all the long ride enthusiasts. It has a Quick-release clear windshield, which allows airflow and chrome highway bars that provide extra comfort. A fine list of cruise control and USB charging with modern solutions like keyless ignition just to improve on those small details we all prefer to have. Thunderstorm 116 engine type has a massive 1,890cc with a peak torque of 190Nm. You also have an option to customise your ride into 3 categories: Tour, Standard and Sport, to provide you an experience that suits your riding style.

Springfield comes in 2 colours: BlackMetallic/Dirt Track Tan and Maroon Metallic/Crimson Metallic.

Price: Rs 33,060,00

5. Indian Chieftain Dark Horse/Chieftain Limited

Indian Chieftain

A combination of Modern and Aggression, this motorbike is surely to be in the front of the line. The Rogue seat has that commanding effect with LED lighting from head to toe. You can hear everything crystal clear with the help of 100-watts audio specifically designed to adjust in Road, wind and engine noise. 

With just a push of a button, you can adjust the windshield according to your sheer comfort. The bike comes with a huge 68+ litres of weatherproof storage space with a power locking feature. Again an impactful 1,890cc engine makes sure you feel powerful with every mile you cover.

Chieftain Limited comes in only one colour: Silver Quartz Metallic

Price: Rs 33,29,000

4. Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

Road Glide Special

So many Harley Davidson motorbikes have made it to this list time and again that when it comes to expensive motorbikes, it is always there at the top. Talking about Road Glide Special, it is perfect for riders seeking classic touring design with premium H-D features. Comes with a ‘Milwaukee -Eight 114’ V-Twin engine and shark-nose fairing. First time offering double tone paint schemes. 1,868cc is as powerful as it can get. 

The Infotainment system provides Boom Box, FM, Bluetooth and more than 15 languages to choose from.

Road Glide also comes under a variety of colours: Reef Blue, Vivid Black, Black Denim, Gunship Grey, White Sand Pearl, Redline Red.

Price: Rs 34,99,000

3. Indian RoadmasterIndian Roadster

Seems like there is a tussle in this list between IndianMotors and Harley Davidson on whose motorbikes are going to make the most of this list. Let’s make it a tie right now and just focus on Indian Roadmaster. 137 Litres of Cargo Space is just a lot. This definitely calls for super long hauls. Not 100 but 200 watts of premium audio is inbuilt in this Machine. The push power button for the windshield is the same as the above mentioned Indian Chieftain. Roadmaster also offers 3 ride modes: Tour, Standard and Sport. In addition, there is a user-friendly interface for Apple users.

Roadster is available in 2 colours: Black Metallic and Maroon Metallic

Price: Rs 43,21,000


2. BMW M 1000 RR

BMW M 1000 RR

The world-renowned Automobile brand ‘BMW’ can never be behind in any list which contains any sort of Automobile element in it. Straightaway making it to the top ‘2’ of this list BMW comes up with the ‘BMW M1000RR’ super sports bike. It takes this beast just 3 seconds to reach from 0-100 and has a maximum speed of 180mph. 1000RR also comes with an anti-locking braking system, with both front and rear disk brakes. Truly King of the tracks.

Colour: In lightwhite/M Motorsport

Price: Rs 45,00,000

1. Kawasaki Ninja H2RKawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki Ninja H2R comes on top of the list of the most expensive bike in India. This has a 998cc engine bike, specially made for circuit riding, it has a good riding position to help support the riders during intense acceleration and also provides hip support. Interestingly there is a special durable paint feature at a special cost that allows scratches to repair themselves. 

Colour: Mirror coated matte spark black shade

Price: Rs 79,90,000 

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