How to and best way to convert your old petrol car into a CNG car

Want to convert your car to CNG? Here is how you can do it.


Compressed Natural Gas is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels. It produces very little pollution as compared to other petrol/diesel equivalents. CNG car is also pocket friendly as compared to its counterparts. With the increase in fuel prices, it is high time to switch to this cleaner, cheaper fuel, which does not burn a hole in your pocket. 

It is even safer as compared to Petrol or Diesel as if spilt, CNG evaporates very quickly without leaving any residue. CNG kits are used in several cities in India, especially with high traffic. Many metropolitical cities have refuelling stations for these vehicles as well.

There are 2 types of CNG kits that are available in the Indian market.

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  • Factory Fitted
  • Retrofitted(Aftermarket)

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Factory fitted

These are cars that come with a CNG kit fitted straight from the factory. These kits are more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts. Factory fitted CNG kit are specially made for a particular car and cannot be further transferred to any other. These are also safer as the manufacturer maintains factory standards to ensure quality. They cover the warranty for a period of time as well.


Any car basically that runs on petrol can be fitted with an aftermarket CNG kit. As compared to factory-fitted these are made universal and can be fitted in any car or model. The overall cost comparison is also cheaper than factory fitted units. These usually do not come with any type of warranty. These kits are further divided into two parts.

  • Venturi CNG kit
  • Sequential CNG kit

Venturi CNG kits are less expensive cheaper solutions for CNG conversion. They are very easy to install and the basic mechanism works around a system spraying gas into the combustion chamber for the engine to run. Due to the predetermined quantity of gas being sent to the engine. The performance of the car also decreases.

Retrofitted CNG kit


Where on the other hand Sequential CNG kits are a bit expensive as compared to the counterpart. Though it is worth it as it comes with an ECU that controls the amount of gas to be sent to the engine thus increasing the performance when compared. These aftermarket kits usually cost between Rs 20,000 – Rs 40,000.

These kits can be fitted by any professional mechanic that provides the service. Though before going for an aftermarket solution consumers must consider the following things.

  • Not all CNG kits are genuine so check the brand and review them before getting them fixed for you
  • Not all cars, especially diesel ones are not capable of a CNG kit installation.
  • Get the car approved by RTO once the kit is installed as it requires changing the fuel type information in your RC book.
  • The maintenance of these aftermarket kits is high as there is no warranty on them.
  • Make sure there are ample amount of refuelling stations near you to make your experience better.
  • With aftermarket solutions, the cost of your Insurance premium increases as well.
  • Many insurance companies are not liable to pay you in cases if the installation of the CNG kit is not informed.

These are a few tips to consider on how to and best way to convert your old petrol car into a CNG car. It is always advised to be very careful to a great degree with these aftermarket solutions as they can be hazardous if not fitted properly. Always visit an experienced mechanic who has keen knowledge about CNG kits.

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