3 ways to improve the mileage of your motorbike or scooter

Bikes and scooters are the go-to machines to travel. Here are tips on how to improve their mileage.


Milage is a strong point of discussion when it comes to buying a two-wheeler. It is easy to fetch out most of your engine without burning a lot of fuel. With the petrol prices going up the hill. Here are some tips to get optimum mileage out of your bike or scooter.

If the service of your bike or scooter is not done timely the wear and tear of the engine and other components gradually increase. A healthy engine will surely perform better and give good mileage figures in comparison to a non-timely serviced one. If the servicing is done outside the showroom make sure they use the correct grade of oil which is recommended by the company. If the bike is a carbonated variant, adjusting it can fetch you some extra kilometres as well.

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  • Get quality fuel

Filling good quality fuel will help in smooth combustion resulting in good milage. Contaminated fuel will interrupt the normal functioning of the engine thus decreasing the fuel efficiency. We also advise to shut down the engine on the traffic light as idling is one of the basic factors where the bike remains till but the fuel is wasted. If you are stuck in a high traffic area and the waiting time is above 40 seconds make sure to shut the bike down to save some extra fuel.

Parking the bike in direct sunlight will evaporate a small amount of petrol as well. This may not seem very huge at the moment but can be a lot over time. Make sure to park the bike for long hours in proper shade to avoid excess wear and tear as well.

Proper fueling


  • Avoid sudden acceleration or braking

One should always keep a light hand on the throttle as sudden acceleration or braking consumes a lot of fuel. If the rider pulls the throttle at the highest RPM in lower gears, lots of fuel remains unburned and is wasted. Proper gearing according to the speed plays a vital role to save the life of your engine as well as churning out good mileage from it. It is the same reason why two-wheeler manufacturers advise raiders to ride at 50-60 kmph economy range.

Following these simple steps will help you in the long run and save a lot of money on fuel. We also advise getting your tyre and tyre pressure checked as well. Running on bad tires can impact the performance and fuel consumption as well.

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