3 ways you can protect the paint of your car or bike

Want a long life for your beloved vehicle? Here are 3 ways to protect the paint of your bike or car.


Automobile owners constantly look for an effective and cheap way to protect their vehicle’s paint and keep it shiny all the time. No one likes a bad looking car or bike, which is totally understandable. With these simple steps, one can protect the paint of your car or bike with minimal effort.

  • Wash regularly

Dust, dirt and grime may harm your car’s exterior in the long run. Washing your car or bike at least once a week if you use your vehicle regularly is essential. It will significantly reduce the effects of UV rays as well. Always try to get a spot in the shade to wash your car to avoid the water quickly drying and leaving stains behind. 

Try using a specialised automotive cleaner instead of dish soap as the chemical compounds in them are harsh towards the paint. After properly washing your car or bike thoroughly make sure to dry it with a microfiber cloth that will remove all the water or chemical residue.

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  • Polish

Waxing creates a layer of clear coating and keeps your vehicle looking brand new. It also acts as a protection against bug splatter, bird droppings and even harmful UV rays. They are available in many forms from solid or liquid formulations to choose from. One can also choose from a synthetic or a natural version as well. Wax can be used every six weeks on your cars or bikes.

Users can also use paint sealants as polish, which works exactly as a wax one but better. They are simple to use and can be used with wax to give the paint a shiny finish. Along with that, it will also protect the vehicle from acid rain as well.

Polish car


  • Invest in Covers

Investing in a superior water resistant car cover can come in handy for a long time. It will protect the car from direct sunlight and acid rain along with bird droppings. Make sure that the cover is a good fit so that the paint on your vehicle is safe. A loose cover will allow the air with dust particles to enter inside resulting in minor scratches and paint wear off. 

One can also invest in a clear paint protection wrap. This may seem expensive but it is a great investment for your machine. It will not only protect the vehicle from natural calamities but also from minor scratches. Following these steps will surely keep your bike or car’s paint safe and increase its lifespan.

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