Ola Electric scooter to launch on Aug 15: Here is everything we know so far

OLA is stepping up to go green with its new electric scooters in India.


OLA has been one of the biggest Car rental and cab companies in India. Now, OLA has stepped up its game a little further by launching its vehicle segment and is going to launch these beautiful scooters. These two wheelers are going to be electric, which we all know is the future. Switching to electric is going to be cost-efficient too as the government is providing subsidies in buying an electric vehicle. 

OLA is ready to launch its electric scooter on the 15th of August, 2021 at 2 PM. Even before the release OLA electricals have seen a huge demand for this vehicle. OLA started pre-booking at Rs 499 and got a mindblowing 1 Lakh booking in just 24 hours of deployment.

OLA has planned to start the delivery process across all of India on the first day of the launch.Below are a few things we know so far.

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About the Ola electric scooter

OLA scooter will be released in 3 models named S, S1 and S1 pro respectively. The company is planning to release it in 10 colours so you can pick your favourite one. We expect these models will differ in motor sizes as well as battery capacity. The price tag will start from Rs 90,000 and will go all the way up to Rs 1,10,000.

OLA scooters will come with 12-inch tubeless tyres with beautiful alloy wheels. The scooter will come with an all LED setup, which will include head, tail and indicators. It will have best in class 50 litre boot space under the seat that can easily fit two half-size helmets.

In its recent teaser video, the company also flaunted a few of its first-in-class features, which include keyless start using your smartphone. With this, the video also showed reverse mode making it ideal for new learners.

It is expected to have a 3.6 kWh battery that will allow the consumer to get a FAME-II subsidy. At 74 kgs it’s going to be a lightweight scooter with 1,860mm length, 700mm width and 1,155mm height.

OLA electric scooters

Network for charging

OLA has built one of the most advanced EV production factories in India. The company claims it can produce 10 million scooters per year so the supply for these scooters is ensured.

With talks with CSEL for the supply of electricity, OLA is also opening up many hyper charging stations across India. The hyper charging dock can fast-charge the scooters in no time and you are good to go again. OLA will also provide home charging stations as standard.

A little birdy told Motor Bridge, OLA is planning for the future by going green towards its two-wheeler segment. Also by opening up this huge factory, it will generate employment for many. Hope the OLA scooters are worth the hype.

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