Matter Aera prices to be hiked by Rs 30,000 next month

The electric motorbike was launched earlier this year.


Indian EV tech startup, Matter, will be hiking the price of its debut electric bike next month. Matter Aera was launched earlier this year at a starting price of Rs 1,43,999. The Plus variant currently fetches Rs 1,53,999. Prices for both variants of Aera will be hiked by Rs 30,000 on June 6.

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Matter Aera: India’s first geared electric motorcycle

The price hike is a result of FAME-II subsidies being slashed for all electric vehicles. Matter Aera is not the only EV to hike its prices. June will see lots of EV manufacturers bumping up the prices of their offerings. The price increase for Matter Aera will kick in on June 6. Following the launch, the base variant will be priced at Rs 1,73,999 and the Plus variant will cost Rs 1,83,999.

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Matter Aera electric motorbike available on Flipkart for pre-bookings

Matter Aera was unveiled last year. The electric motorbike looks very similar to a naked streetfighter. It features a bi-functional LED projector headlamp, split LED tail lamps, body-integrated front turn signals, a translucent shroud, and an exposed spinner attached to the motor. The storage space on the electric motorbike has built-in lights and a mobile charging port.

The battery pack powering the Aera is called matterEnergy 1.0. This 5 kW battery pack was developed in-house by the tech startup. It uses liquid cooling technology to minimise heat losses. It also features a super smart BMS that constantly monitors and optimises the system for efficiency, security, and reliability. There are multiple sensors on the battery pack to keep a check on the temperature, current, and voltage.

Matter Energy launched India’s first geared electric motorbike

Matter Aera utilises a 10.5 kWh electric motor that can produce 520Nm of peak torque. There are three riding modes on the motorbike. It also comes with a 1kW charger that can fully charge the motorbike in under 5 hours. Matter Aera has fast charging support as well. On a full charge, the electric motorbike offers a driving range of 125km.

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There are five colour options on offer for Matter Aera –  Black, Blue, White, Red, and Grey. The motorbike comes equipped with smart features like remote lock/unlock, geofencing, live location tracking, and vehicle health monitoring. These features can be used with the help of a dedicated app.

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