Top accessories to purchase with your new electric scooter

Electric scooters are the most eco-friendly way of riding these days. Here is a list of top accessories you should purchase with your new E-scooter.


After the rise in fuel prices, the sales for electric vehicles have taken an upward spike. Buying just an electric vehicle is not enough, there is a need for accessories to make your riding experience better. We have picked some top-of-the-line accessories for our readers, which will come in handy on the road and otherwise.

The Indian government stresses enough to always wear a helmet while riding your two-wheeler. The importance of riding gear is often overlooked. Riding gloves are a must-have accessory as your hands are the first thing to come in contact with asphalt in the event of a crash. Similarly, pants and jackets will protect other parts of the body like the back and chest. Paired with riding shoes that will protect your ankles and feet and this will be a complete protection solution. Also, make sure that the helmet is always the original ISI standard mark, not some cheap knockoff.

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Our helmet pick: Vega Crux Half Face Helmet

Our gloves pick: Probiker Synthetic Leather Motorcycle Gloves

  • Helmet lock

Yes, scooters already come with a boot space under the seat, but some companies provide space for either half helmet or only one helmet. There is also a possibility that a person is carrying another helmet for their co-passenger. Lugging your helmet all day and finding places to keep it safe can be exhausting. A good helmet lock will come in handy during these situations. These Helmet locks come in two patterns either a fixed one or a cycle lock pattern. Though we advise you to carry the helmet if possible to keep it safe from ill elements. But this solution is to remove the hassle if you wish to.

Our helmet lock pick: SteelBird Key Helmet

  • Smartphone USB charger

With the increase of smartphone users around the world. It has become a very important accessory to add to your e-bike. This will not only charge your phone on the go but also eliminate the hassle of carrying a power bank. There are also many good quality fast-changing sockets available in the market to fulfil your needs accordingly.

Our USB charger pick: SSM’S USB Mobile Bike Charger

Top accessories to purchase with your new electric scooter (1)


  • First Aid Kit

Another thing one must keep with them all the time. Even if the company gives a first aid kit as standard with all the vehicles one can always have some extras just in case. The more comprehensive safety kit includes a small bottle of disinfectant, cotton, cotton gauze, a pair of scissors and a set of bandages. You can also carry some basic medicines like paracetamol inside the kit as well. We advise you to always check the expiration date of the medical equipment or medicines and change them accordingly when needed.

  • Puncture kit

Most of the recent scooters come with tubeless tyres. It gets difficult if any of the tyres on the vehicle pops up and there is no help around. The puncture kit will come in handy during these situations. Trust us when we say that there is no rocket science in fixing a puncture on a tubeless tyre. We also advise pairing a small electric air pump along with the kit to make it a complete set.

Our pick: Jagger Premium Tubeless Tyre Puncture Kit

Our pick for pump: Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

  • Phone holder

    It gets difficult for one to travel from one place to another especially if we do not know the route properly. A mobile holder will be a lifesaver while travelling long or to unknown locations. One can always use a navigation application without taking your phone out of your pocket again and again and placing it on the holder. Pairing it with a mobile charger which was mentioned above in this list will keep your device charged up all the time while using it. Though we advise you to not concentrate on the phone more as it can lead to crashes.

Our pick: Rynox® Shark

These are our top picks for scooter accessories one must have after buying a new one. One can also get a cover if there is no proper shade in the parking area. Riders can also go for a seat cover and cleaning products to take proper care of their beloved scooter.

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