Must Have Top 10 Car Gadgets Under Rs 10,000 For Your Next Road Trip

Planning on hitting the road? Take a quick look at these 10 must-have gadgets for your car before you head out.


Road trips happen in only two ways, one being totally unplanned and another being planned to every single detail. Now, whether your road trips fall in the former or latter category, you still take up with you some essentials without which it is not possible for you to head out, right? Similarly, your car also needs some must-haves to get ready for a long road trip journey. Here are some essential top 10 car gadgets under Rs 10000 for your next road trip.

There may be a lot of stores available for you to buy stuff for yourself on the road itself. However, there may not be a lot of car accessory shops or repair shops on your way. Hence, whether or not you choose to go fully prepared from your side, you must always keep your car equipped with its road trip essentials either way. Hey, always better safe than sorry, no?  

Puncture Repair Kit

Puncture Repair Kit- Must Have Top 10 Car Gadgets Under Rs 10,000 For Your Next Road Trip

The one to make it to the numero uno position of our list of the must-have top 10 car gadgets under Rs 10000 for road trips had to be a puncture repair kit. Whether you consider taking with you anything else or not, a puncture repair kit is a must on any road trip. Now, you don’t want to get stuck with a tyre puncture in the middle of nowhere and with no car mechanic around, do you? 

The Tirewell TW-5005 10-in-1 universal tubeless tyre puncture kit is a complete and compact set that includes everything you may require to repair a tubeless tire on your own. It contains a reamer, probe, rubber glue, 10 puncture repair strips, nose plier, gloves, chalk, 4 tyre valves and a cutter. It comes with a storage bag and is compatible with all types of vehicles including SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs and dirt bikes. And you get all these accessories for just Rs 549. 

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A Portable Digital Car Air Pump

Xiaomi Portable Air Compressor Pump- 8 Essential Car Safety Accessories To Buy In 2022

Just like a punctured tyre, you also probably don’t want to get stuck with a flat tyre on a road trip with no help around. Hence, in order to be better safe than sorry, a portable car air pump is also a must to carry while travelling. Moreover, even digital car air pumps come at very reasonable rates today. 

Investing in Xiaomi’s portable electric air inflator cum air compressor may prove to be an excellent choice as car safety equipment for travel. It has a super-compact design, allows compression up to 150PSI, has a long-lasting 18650 li-ion battery and can inflate anything from a toy balloon to a car tyre. It is priced at Rs 2,499.

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Car Power Inverter

Car Power Inverter- Must Have Top 10 Car Gadgets Under Rs 10,000 For Your Next Road Trip

The third item in our list of the must-have top 10 car gadgets under Rs 10000 for road trips is a car power inverter.  A car power inverter is a device that converts the direct current (DC) power of your car’s battery into an alternating current (AC) that is used to power many electronic devices like laptops, tablets, cameras, gaming consoles, string lights, etc. 

The highest-rated Amazon’s choice for a car power inverter is the brand Vantro’s model. It is a 200W inverter with 4 USB ports (which can charge most smartphones and tablets simultaneously) and 2 AC outlets (ideal for charging laptops, cameras, etc.). Moreover, it comes with overload, short-circuit, low voltage, overvoltage and overheating protection, and is priced at Rs 2,374. 

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Jumper Cable

Car Jumper Cable

Next up, a car jumper cable is used to jump-start a car’s weak or dead battery. Amazon’s choice for jumper cable is the 2 gauge 20 feet one from AmazonBasics which is also UL certified. It is ideal for all vehicles sizes ranging from small or compact cars to large SUVs and pickup trucks. Its heavy-duty, tight-grip alligator clamps have a 320amp rating. It comes with exterior insulation, a carrying case as well as a 1-year warranty. It is priced at Rs 2,499. 

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Car Dash Camera

Car Dash Camera-Must Have Top 10 Car Gadgets Under Rs 10,000 For Your Next Road Trip

Next on our list of the top 10 car gadgets under Rs 10000 for road trips is a super interesting one. A car dash camera not only allows you to record your beautiful road trip journey but also acts as supporting evidence in case you’re involved in a road accident or witness one. It records every detail both on the road and on the inside of the car. Hence, you not only get to save and share your entire journey on social media but also can record and present evidence of any rash driving behaviour observed while on the road to the authorities. 

The DDPAI Mini car dash camera comes with a Hisilicon main processor, 2MP CMOS image sensor, a 6-G lens with one infrared filter and an angle of 140-degrees wide enough to capture 4 to 6 lanes. It can record in Full HD 1080p at a 30fps frame rate and offers 24-hour parking monitoring, night vision and time-lapse at a 1fps recording rate. It is rotatable up to 330-degrees, supports Wi-Fi connectivity and is priced at Rs 3,999. 

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Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder

Car Mount Adjustable Car phone holder

If you’re not driving one of the latest car models which offer connected car tech support like that with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, then this one is for you. With a car mount adjustable car phone holder, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for checking Google maps again and again. Your mobile services may not be screencast on your dashboard, however, you still have easy access to them as they lay right in front of your eyes. You wouldn’t even have to lift up your arm. The ELV car mount phone holder comes with a full 360-degree rotation capability and an easy one-touch mounting system and is priced just at Rs 349.

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Rooftop Car Carrier Bag

Car Rooftop Carrier Bag- Must Have Top 10 Car Gadgets Under Rs 10,000 For Your Next Road Trip

If you are off on a road trip with family or friends and have loaded your car roof with your luggage, the ideal way would be to secure it within a car rooftop carrier bag. These are made up of thick water-resistant materials which help in securing your luggage from sudden downpours. It also keeps your luggage packed together and intact in one place. These are priced in the range of Rs 5k to 10k. 

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Car Seatback Storage Organiser

Car Seatback Storage Organiser- Must Have Top 10 Car Gadgets Under Rs 10,000 For Your Next Road Trip

Next on our list of top 10 car gadgets under Rs 10000 for road trips is this one. Now, road trip journeys can be really long, no? And you can imagine all sorts of needs and requirements coming up during your travel. But you can’t stop your car every time you need to take out some stuff from your luggage. Hence, a car seatback storage organiser is an ideal way to have immediate access to all the necessary items that you may need on the go, like food, water, gadgets, etc.

Car seatback organisers have multiple storage pockets in them. Some are even equipped with a foldable dining table tray. Plus they are available at extremely reasonable rates, mostly under Rs 1000. Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

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Multifunctional Car Food Tray

Multifunctional Car Food Tray

Another cool item that is perfect for you to carry in your car while hitting a road trip is a multifunctional car food tray. It easily slips onto your steering wheel and can be used for enjoying a meal, as a laptop desk for working or for reading, writing or watching movies on it.

It can be fitted easily into the back pocket of your car seat when not in use. These trays are available is priced at reasonable prices, generally for under Rs 1000. 

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Car Mini Trash Can

Car Mini Trash Can

The final item to make it to our list of the must-have top 10 car gadgets under Rs 10000 for your next road trip is a car trash can. Of course, the moment one says road trip, all the in-cabin car mess of snacks, chips wrappers and whatnot comes to mind, doesn’t it? Hence, for a neat, tidy and hygienic ride, trash cans work a long way. Moreover, these can come in extremely handy in case you are in need of one but are not able to find any trash bins on the road. A tiny situation we’re sure everyone must have faced at some point during their journeys, right?

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So those were our top picks for the 10 most essential car gadgets under Rs 10000 for road trips. If we missed out on any of your favourites, do let us know in the comments section below. 

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