How to know which type of tyre and alloy you need for your SUV?

Tyres and alloy are important parts of your SUV, but the question is which one to pick? This article will help you decide.


Alloys are a type of car wheel made from an alloy mixture like magnesium or aluminium. They differ from standard steel wheels. They’re lighter and stronger, which can improve handling, fuel economy and speed. One can buy Alloys if they want to give their car a sportier look as well. There are companies that offer alloy wheels or consumers can get their car detailed aftermarket. Covering them are tyres that function together and hold the weight of the car and make it run. Here is how you can figure out which type of tyre and alloy you need for your car.

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Finding them by Vehicle

It is easier to find the tyre and alloy, which fits perfectly into your car. The Internet is the solution to the majority of such problems. There are lots of websites that let you quickly search for alloys or tyres compatible with your cars like Amazon and Flipkart. It is essential to find the right size as tampering with the dynamic of cars can result in malfunction. One can do this with the help of a professional as well as offline. Make sure what difference it is making in relation to weight and performance if you install a new pair of alloy and tyres.

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For types in the allowed one can go with a bigger wheel with large wheel diameters such as the 17, 18, 19-inch territory, they become extremely distinguishable which enhances the look of your SUV. Given their size these wheel sizes tend to offer a significantly improved ride when turning corners, increased grip on both dry and wet roads. One can also go with Custom Made Alloys as per their need. Though they are expensive but will surely increase the ride quality.

Talking about Tyres there are two types of tyres available in the market one being a tube option and the other being tubeless. It is always advised to go for tubeless tyres as they are a lot easier to fix in puncture citations. These are even lighter, fuel-efficient, low maintenance and safer than tube tyres.

Tyre and Alloy



It’s important to know what compound the tyre is made of. The compound affects driveability. For example, summer tyres are made of fairly soft tyre compounds for added grip. On the other hand winters tyres, the compound is harder and the tyres have bigger blocks to grip the slow better. Also, they provide better traction in wet conditions. Along with the compound, it’s important to check the thread pattern of tyres as well. They come in 3 patterns Symmetrical which is the grippiest and cheapest to manufacture, Asymmetrical Tread helps to displace water and is good for cornering, Directional Tread, which is best to displace water and is used in wet conditions.

There are different components and alloy wheels that can result in different stability, rigidity, fit and finish as well as weight. They can vary from being a single piece or a multi-piece wheel. Based on an aluminium or magnesium construction mixed with Nickel, alloy wheels provide a much lighter package when compared with a steel wheel of the same strength and can be cast in full by pouring molten alloy into a pre-made mould. Nowadays alloy wheels are even available in carbon fibre coated, which is lighter and stronger than regular ones, but they have a bigger price tag on them.

These are the tips required to buy a perfect tyre or alloy for your SUV. It is always advised to take your car to a professional car detailing service to get a proper fit and finish. Also, stay away from duplicate products as they might seem cheaper but can dig a big hole in your pocket later.

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