Best car trackers available today in the Indian car market

Want to save your car from theft? Try these trackers.


Ever parked your car and you are unable to locate it? Or did your car get stolen all of a sudden? Worry not, GPS trackers nowadays are a handy solution to all these problems. These trackers keep a tab on your vehicle and can easily be tracked via your smartphone. 

These nowadays come with companion applications with which you can know the accurate location of your car as well as speed and mileage in real-time. Now the question is which tracker is ideal to buy? Worry not, we have shortlisted a few of them for our readers.

Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker

The tracker is designed specifically for cars and can help you locate your vehicle easily. The device is smart and plugs directly into your four-wheeler telling you the health, mileage and other important information. Autowiz updates the location of the car every 3 seconds. You can also temporarily give your location to your family and friends for safety purposes. The company provides you with a sim card and a free one-year subscription to get you going. If you want detailed stats of your car along with its location, consider buying Autowiz Obd.

Price: Rs 6,990

Buy Here

  • Onelap Micro

Onelap Micro

It is a small GPS tracker, which can be used in any car or even a two-wheeler. The highlight of the tracker is its small form factor which helps it to hide it fairly easily. The seller provides you with a sim card with a 12-month data plan allowing you to track the tagged vehicle hassle-free. With the Onelap Telematics companion app, you can track your car from anywhere in the world.

Price: Rs 3,290

Buy Here

  • Acumen Tracker UC 900

Acumen Tracker UC 900

One of the unique features of this UC 900 is that it comes with an anti-theft alarm system to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Go to the application used to pair the tracker and create a geofence that will send you a notification if the car leaves the zone. Also, you can remotely shut down your car’s engine with the application, which is really helpful in car theft cases.

Price: Rs 2,690

Buy Here

  • USGlobalSat 


This tracker works with a built-in GPS patch antenna that allows determining the accurate location of the car. The tracker is equipped with magnets so it can be safely mounted on the roof. The device natively supports 8-channel all-view tracking for reliable performance. The tracker is powered by USB and can start up in almost 15 seconds with no network assistance. It also uses SiRF CGEE technology to predict satellite positions for up to 3 days in advance.

Price: 3,097

Buy Here 

  • Zaicus ST-901

Zaicus ST-901

The best thing about Zaicus ST-901 is that the device has a built-in battery and it supports most GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) making it compatible with almost everywhere in the world. The device also supports GPS, Glonass and Galileo. Zaicus ST-901 is waterproof so you need not worry about it after installation. Other features include mobile tracking, anti-theft alarm, geofencing and more.

Price: Rs 1,559

Buy Here


  • Lamrod Supreme Google Link GT02A

Lamrod Supreme Google Link GT02A

From cars to trucks this device can be used within any vehicle. Lamrod Supreme Google Link GT02A allows you to track the real-time location of your vehicle with either the mobile application or the Lamrod website. In both, the site and app the users can see the speed limit and send you a notification whenever the set speed limit is crossed. The unique feature of the device is that it can provide you with history playback for up to one year. Additional features include geofencing, an anti-theft alarm and a mobile application subscription.

Price: Rs 1,999

Buy Here

  • Akari Gt02A

Akari Gt02A

The Akari Gt02A offers you real-time locations for your car and other vehicles. Just install the application or login into the Akari website to get the accurate location of your car. The website also shows a detailed history of the route taken and the distance travelled by your car. The tracker works even with SMS packs making its running cost cheaper as compared to other trackers in this list.

Price: Rs 1,799 

Buy Here

That’s all it is for the best trackers you can buy for your cars. Also, in some of the trackers, you need to buy a sim and also get data recharge according to what the company recommends. It is requested from the readers to understand that pricing and availability are not in our hands so that might fluctuate while you are reading this article.

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