Auto Tips: How to keep your car in the best shape during the rainy season

Monsoon is currently at its peak and here are a few tips, which will help you and your car stay safe.


It’s high time when motorists are prepared for the rain, but it’s equally important to keep their cars safe too. As we all know that machines and water don’t do well together so much. Here are a few tips, which will be beneficial for your and the safety of your car when it comes to rain.

Check your Battery and electricals

The batteries are an essential part of your car. It powers up major components in your car and especially during the rainy season when the battery use is at its peak, so it needs a wee bit more care. Due to less visibility during rains components like lights and wipers are overused. If the battery is old and not in a good condition it can result in a hazardous situation for a rider.

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It’s essential to check for battery health and life, especially before the monsoon hits. Also, checking for corrosion is important as the battery can stop working if attacked by corrosion.

Wiring Check

As the technology in the car is booming, more and more use of wires inside the car has increased. It’s very essential to check wires, especially exposed or wires that somehow got cut. If there is a cut in the middle or the insulation layer is peeled off, direct contact with water can cause serious damage and there is a good chance of shorting of components resulting in serious hazards like fire. Take it to the garage and get the wiring thoroughly checked.

Rain 2


After a good check of wires, it’s essential to check if all the headlights, turn signals, taillights and fog lights are working properly, as they play an essential role in visibility. There is a good chance they might have a short circuit already or a fused bulb and you have not noticed it. Also, check for cracks in your lights as water can seep through cracks causing a big hole in your pocket.


Tyres are one of the most important components in your vehicle. They play a major role during rainy days for traction on roads. As we all know there are roads filled with water and potholes and if your tires are worn out they won’t be able to grip the road properly. Tires are essential to balance your car as well as with safety features like ABS, tires with good conditions will keep you safe from any major accidents.

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One of the most rarely checked and overlooked components are the brake pads of your car. On wet roads, a mixture of motor oil and other greasy material with water can substantially increase your stopping distance. 

If the pads are worn out it will result in increasing that distance even more. It might result in brake failure, which can be very dangerous. It is essential to get your car’s brakes and braking fluid checked.


They are an obvious component in the list, as wipers and washers are mostly used during monsoon days. See the blades of the wiper and check if they leave behind any smudge. If the wipers are not cleaning the windscreen properly it’s a good time to get those blades changed. Not using the washer often can result in clogging of the delivery holes.

Also, there can be a good chance that your water pump is broken resulting in washers not being able to pump fluid. Keeping a check on the fluid reservoir is also needed, if the fluid is less get a top up.


There might be small leaks that a rider did not notice until it started to rain heavily. It is very important to check those leaks. The water seeping inside can lead to corrosion, which is one of the biggest enemies of your car’s life.


These tips will surely make your monsoon be hassle-free and will increase the life of your lovely car. Bookmark this page, and come to it before every rainy season, to keep your car performing at its rainy best. 

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