When should you change your car’s brake pads?

Tips and tricks to check if your brake pads are in good condition or not.


Brakes being an essential component of your vehicle is responsible to stop or slow your vehicle when in motion. It is very essential for your brakes to stay in the best condition. Usually, there is Km set on brakes and when they need to be changed. Most companies say you need to change the brake pads between 15,000-25,000 KM.  

Although it completely depends upon your driving style,  this list will allow you to self diagnose if your brakes need a replacement or not.

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If you feel vibration during the application of the brake or any type of instability of the wheel, there is a high chance the braking line or brake pads are not fitted properly. In such a case, it is advised to get professional help. Ask the professional to check the braking pads and their alignment.


Few of the brake pads manufacturers put metal pads at the end, which works as a wear off indicator to the consumers. If you hear a grinding sound while you apply the brake, there is a high chance that your brake pads have worn off. It is advised to get your brake pads changed as soon as possible as delay can cause more damage and a massive hole in your wallet, as the disks might get damaged.

Brake pad 2


This is a step above Grinding noise. Usually, a brake pad makes a squeaky noise when it’s almost about to wear off. Although sometimes brakes squeal sometimes due to water, especially the drum brakes. It’s better to get your brake pads checked, If they appear thin it’s better to get them changed.

Takes Longer to stop

If you feel the performance of your brakes has reduced and the distance to come to a complete stop is more as compared to before, it might be possible that your brake pads need a replacement. It can also be a possibility that there is no brake fluid in your car. In any case, reach your nearest garage and get it fixed.


This easy DIY will ensure your car life as well as your safety. It is best to get the brake pads checked every 10,000 KM when you get your car serviced. Cleaning of brake pads during the car service is also essential. 

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