How to find an electric charging station for your EV

A guide to finding the nearest charging station to keep your EV charged if you are running out of battery juice.


Owning an EV might seem an intelligent investment but are you scared of travelling long and not finding a charging station? The trend of electric vehicles has started to boom in India recently. Companies are pushing out their respective electric vehicles quickly. Many consumers are attracted to the green electric solutions as the fuel prices are rocketing. But only a handful of of charging stations are available around them. Yes, new charging stations are opening up but consumers have no idea about them. The following will help you locate the nearest charging station around you.

Google maps 

Searching for an EV charging point in Google maps is simple. This feature was for long available in the international market. After the boost in sales of Electric vehicles and high consumer demand in India Google has introduced this feature here as well. Here is how to find one.

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Step 1 – Open google maps on your Android, iOS or in the browser on your computer system.

Step 2 – Search “EV charging station” on the search bar.

Ev station Google maps

You will find all the charging stations that are around you and plan a trip accordingly. 

In the same way, you can do it on your smartphone Google Maps as well.


Recharge India application

Recharge India is designed to pinpoint all the charging stations around you either personal or Company specific stations. The reason why this application stands out from all the applications is that after selecting your desired charging station the application gives you details about the owners of the station. One can easily contact the person and get details. Also included in the application is navigation which will take the help of trusted Google Maps and get you to the location.

Step 1 – Open Playstore. 

Step 2 – Type “Recharge India” on the search bar.

Step 3 – Select the Application from the list.

Recharge India application

Step 4 – Inside the application search for the area you want to charge your electric vehicle.

Step 5 – Also one can apply the filter for a specific charging point or a particular brand.

Recharge India Interface

Step 6 – Select the charging station and you are good to go.

By using these steps your EV ownership will be a lot easier and you need to worry less about charging or travelling. There are applications that are company-specific as well, like Ather has its application which lists all the Ather charging points. The only drawback of these applications is that they are company-specific and won’t show you a lot of other options.

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