Get your car winter-ready, 5 things you have to keep in mind

Winter is coming, make your car ready for the season too.


The coldest months of the year are just a turn ahead and you must get your car winter-ready. You might have already started preparing for winter. With every new season the new set of instructions along with problems which can affect your car follows. In this article we will address some of the issues and how can these be avoided for you to have a smooth running. So here are 5 things you have to keep in mind this winter season.

The first and the most important point of the winter care list. We advise you to warm up your vehicle for a good 5-7 minutes during winter. Yes, it is true that mechanical equipment has evolved to an extent that warming up your car is not as important as it used to be. Basically warming up your car’s engine will pump engine oil to every corner of your engine. This will result in decreased wear and tear. In the winter season especially the engine oil starts to thicken up thus taking more time to reach all parts. Warming up will help the oil to get thin and it will have more time to circulate.

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  • Ensure battery health

The winter temperature does not necessarily affect the battery but the past summer and rain do. They are the worst enemy of battery’s health. If for some reason the battery is damaged in the previous season there is a chance that the distilled water present in the battery to make a chemical reaction freezes. This will create permanent damage to the cells making the battery not function properly. The signs of poor battery health are a malfunction of equipment and even cars not starting up. It’s always advisable to get your battery checked with a professional mechanic.

  • Tyre life

If the tyre life is not good you will be having a hard time gripping those slippery surfaces in winter. Also, tyre pressure plays an important role in this, as if we see through physics the colder air contracts. Inside the tire when the air contracts the tyre pressure gradually decreases. Hence it is always recommended to check your tyre life as well as tyre pressure before starting a winter run.

Winter tips for cars


  • Headlights and fog lights

With winters comes a lot of fog. This fog decreases the visibility on roads and thus it becomes important that the car’s source of light should be functioning properly. We also advise you to check on all the lights including tail lights and indicator lights. As in a few states, the visibility becomes so less that you cannot spot the other vehicle until you come too close. Nowadays most cars come with fog lights equipped. However if your car is an old model and your place suffers from fog, it’s better to get a pair of aftermarket ones.

  • Coolant check

Do you know the green coloured liquid responsible for keeping the engine cool in summers? The coolant doubles up as antifreeze in winter seasons making it an essential item in the checklist. The chemical component in the coolant ensures that the engine does not freeze up and jam. When driving the temperature is regulated with the chemical to maintain the optimum temperature.

Bonus tip

Schedule maintenance before the winter season. It will help you check all the minor items and issues present in the car. Also, consider buying a dehumidifier to avoid fogged-up windscreen for better visibility.

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