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A couple of years ago, we started the publishing arm at YMN (Ya Media Networks Pvt Ltd) with a viewpoint to deliver great content in the form of news, reviews, feature articles, thinking man stories and more. Whether it is related to gadgets or automobiles, we had a clear plan, and the first part of the plan was taken care of by Gadget Bridge and today we are proud that we are bringing the second part of the plan to life too, in the form of Motor Bridge, a domain that was parked with us since years. In fact, Gadget Bridge (GB) and Motor Bridge (MB) were registered together, but we decided to go ahead with GB first.

Pandemic or no pandemic, we will power through and go ahead with our juggernaut. Yes, last year and a half was tough, but thanks to you, our readers, viewers, media friends and well-wishers (filled with positivity) helped us achieve the impossible.

Motor Bridge is our latest offering that will not only cater to the buying needs of the current generation but will also present great comparisons between cars and bikes. We will compare apples with apples and give you the straight truth on which and what to buy.

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We are also proud that the Editor of Gadget Bridge (Mr Sulabh Puri), will lead the team of young and energetic writers at Motor Bridge too. He will bring his years of experience to the table from the world of auto where he started jotting words from the automobile sector at India Today Gadgets and Gizmos, more than a decade ago.

Motor Bridge will be a unique offering, which will be available across platforms, catering to desktop, tablet, and mobile audiences. The website is still being worked upon and more new-age tools are being implemented. So, as we go further you will see changes in it. We plan to fortify the sections, and we will love to hear from you. In case any of you, our beloved readers would want to contribute, tip us or write for us, then do let the team know at [email protected]. We are always open to great ideas!

Once again, welcome to the future, welcome to MotorBridge.com.

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Director – YMN

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