Versus: Uber vs Ola, which company wins the commuter’s heart

Comparing both the taxi services available in India.


Both OLA and Uber solve the same problem of cab services across India. OLA is an Indian brand that originated from Bangaluru, Karnataka while on other hand Uber is an international brand serving people and solving cab problems for years. Both the companies do provide secondary services like Uber does food delivery jobs as well, naming UberEats globally.

OLA has planned a portal for all car solutions and is ready to launch it anytime soon. Even if the sole job of both the companies is the same, there are differences in their application as well as prices. This article will tell about which brand is ahead and in which field.

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Showing cab availability

Uber in this case does a better job of showing each car option available along with their prices. While the OLA just tells you the cabs available and we have to go to the next step to know the fair price. Even to upsell its options OLA only compares two car options, for example comparing Prime to share. This does not give complete information on how much money we are saving if we try some other category.

Cab availability

Car Availability

In the Uber application first, we need to tell the application the tentative location we want to reach and then the application shows the available cabs near us. While, OLA is superior in this case as it shows all the available options be it cars, auto or bikes prior to users selecting the drop location.

Specifying pickup point

Specifying pickup point

In the OLA application we can clearly specify the drop location and pick up point, the developers know that there are narrow streets in India and allowing to specifically mark the location is a neat touch. Uber on the other hand shows the tentative location as being a global app accuracy for Indians is not a concern for them it seems. Ola also has different colours of pickup and drop pinpoints for us to know the locations accurately. On the other hand, Uber’s map is all black and white.

Cab Colour

Ola tells you the colour of the car when the cab is booked. This is ideal when you are booking in a heavily crowded pickup point. For Uber, this feature is available in other countries but we are not sure why the company has not availed this in the Indian market.


Trip details

At the end of the ride, Uber shows the help section where we can choose a refund option and more. With the receipt on the other tab. In the OLA application, all we see is a rating system and a receipt at the end of the trip. With this, we can tell that Uber is more concerned about ride quality and passenger’s comfort.

Loyalty program

Ola Money

OLA offers loyalty programs like OLA money or OLA pay to encourage users to get value-added features for free. The company also gives discounts to people who get OLA Select monthly subscriptions. There is no such thing for Uber users. Rather they give an interesting touch of knowing your driver program which is a good way and friendly gesture to have a conversation with your driver and know them prior.

Settings in application

Setting in Application

The Uber application seems more refined and cluster free making it easy to read and use. It’s not that the OLA application is difficult to use but once you click on the hamburger icon in the application the cluster of options sometimes confuses a normal consumer especially the one who is using the application for the first time.

This is all for the comparison points for Uber vs Ola. To be honest, declaring a clear winner is really not so easy as most Indian consumers tilt towards cheaper prices than the features the company offers you. But to give a final verdict according to us, OLA is a little ahead in the Indian market as they know more about their origin land as compared to the international based company and they are more popular among Indian consumers.

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