Sony launches XAV-AX8100 Car infotainment system in India

Sony has launched a new in-car media receiver for its Indian consumers.


Sony India is a name popular to bring good in-car media receivers across the world. Following the trend, the company released its XAV-AX8100 in India. The same is an updated model of XAV-8000 that has been loaded with some new features including a connectivity one. 

The design from the previous generation remains the same. A big screen, sophisticated design with smart features and seamless experience is what the users get. The major update is the support of HDMI connectivity. Below are some more details about the product.

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The updated XAV-AX8100 sports a bigger 8.95-inch(22.7cm) display that makes the visibility for driver and co-passenger easy. The touch display is an anti-glare panel making the environment safer for the driver to look at the screen even when the weather is bright outside. Sony XAV-AX8100 gives the flexibility to the driver to connect his/her smartphone via multiple platforms such as Apple CarPlay, Android Audio and Web Link.

Sony paired the unity head with a high voltage 3-pre unit that offers a 5-volt signal. Due to this, the XAV-AX8100 offers less distorted clear sound. The system uses Digital Sound Processing(DSP) drivers to create an ideal and dynamic sound field inside the car. Paired with a Dynamic Stage Organiser(DSO) that helps create an ambient sound inside the car cabin.

Sony XAV-AX8100


To take it to the next level, Sony has equipped this in-car media receiver with a 10 band equaliser(EQ10), it has 10 presets to choose from, which users can set according to the environment and taste. XAV-AX8100 can playback FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec) files with up to 24-bit depth and sampling frequency at 48 kHz. Further, it does not cause any loss in quality while compressing.

The main highlight of the infotainment system is the support of HDMI connectivity, which allows users to hook up external audio and visual devices. This means one can watch their favourite shows on the go (though it is not advisable while driving).

Price and Availability

The new XAV-AX8100 will be available in car showrooms and car accessories shops across India from 4th October 2021 onwards. Sony priced this infotainment system at Rs 36,990. Consumers can consider buying it online from Sony’s website or e-shopping websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

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